Post/Blog page header slider gallery

Hi, firstly thank you for your excellent support with this customisable theme! :)

Is it possible to have a full width slider gallery at the top and different on each blog/post page?
If you look at I want the slider to be where the big image (currently custom header) is at the top.
So a different slider for each chalet section.

Thanks in advance, Sean


  • Hello
    Thanks for asking query again  .
    Let me clear are you want different slider for each post/page . 

    Kindly clear us so that we can assist you better . 

  • Yes a different slider for each page/blog
  • Has to be full width and in the header area like home page
  • edited June 2018
    Hello  Dear 
    Your query is a part of layout customization its required much code customization . 
    Its beyond the theme support scope . You need to hire a developer to do it . 

    For your   help .
    I am suggesting you  meta slider plugin , hope it will work for you  as you want . 

    For more  help regarding to plugin configuration kindly  contact to plugin author .


  • Do you know a way I can allow Video links to be used for custom (unique) headers for each post?
    Like the featured sliders?
  • Hello  @seanokay71

    Never bundle multiple query in  single thread bz  it create complexity to handle better support query . 

    So pls create separate ticket for video links for cuustom headers issue . 

    I am closing this ticket .

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