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Hi, how can I add formating to the HOME BLOG SETTINGS > DESCRIPTION text?
I want to add lines, paragraph returns, html code <BR> <B> etc ,maybe image code etc


  • Can I add to that and say any of the descriptions on the homepage
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    For this follow the given below instruction .  

    1 Find the  customizer-blog.php file located in your theme folder >> functions folder >> customizer folder and find the file . 

    2 Open it and replace the code of it with the code mention in this link https://pastebin.com/eU9pSPfs
    Let me know for any confusion . 

  • Hi, sorry the PasteBin link is saying

    "This page has been removed!
    This page is no longer available. It has either expired, been removed by its creator, or removed by one of the Pastebin staff."
  • Hello 
    Again visit the link copy the code from this link https://pastebin.com/eU9pSPfs

  • Thanks, also is it possible to have two columns of text on the Home Blog - Descritption? [row][column]... etc
  • Hello 
    Thanks for asking more query , We  have provided  facility to add  html tag in the description field . 
    You can use tag as your requirement . 
    You want row column formatting in for blog description section . 
    Its a part of layout customization , beyond the scope of our theme support  .

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