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Hi, I check contact page and I noticed that contact page did not notify user after sending message and also please tell me how can I change email address which is received from my web site. Because I want to configure it. 


  • Hello 
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    To get  email notification and set recipient email address refer below thread link . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Thank you for your attention. This configuration is related with getting email from web site is'nt it ? . 
  • Also I noticed that Contact page did not give any information about form post process. For example, I want to show "Your message successfully is sent" after form post or error message
  • Hi 
    Sorry for your inconvenience . 
    Pls more clear about your issue , what do you want exactly . 
    So that we can assist you better . 

  • Okey I need three important things.

    First one is, I want to configure email address to get email from my web site when a user send message using contact form.

    Second one is, When user fill contact form incorrectly, contact form give a warning to user like " Please Fill Email and Your Name".

    Last one is, When User fill contact form correctly and click send button, Contact form give a message to user like "Your message is sent correctly". Also this message is configurable according to selected language.

  • Hi 
    Lets take step by step process .
    For your first issue refer this link 
    Hope it will help for you . 

  • hello I did things that explaining in the link below 
    Unfortunately,  I contact form is not working yet.
    Firstly I used WP SMTP  Mail plugin  and It is working now I tested it.
    but, I cannot receive any email from the email that I wrote under settings > general > email
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    Which email address are you using in   Settings  >> General >> Email Setting
    Use gmail account  email address and test . 
    You received notification or not . 
    Bz sometime due to some conflict other custom domain email address didn't work . 

  • I had used hotmail account 
    isnt it working ?
  • edited June 2018
    Pls use any account and test .

    And let me know you  received email or not 


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