Some Section Translation Problem ?

Now I want to make a web site using your PRO template, but I noticed that some section translation not work. But I asked these question before buying template. Also I attached image of my problem . Please help me for solving my problem.
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.54.36.png


  • Hi, @caglarturkurka

    To translate your site you can follow our Help Document. You can use even PolyLang plugin to translate and it's free to use.

    Let me know if you face any issues with using these plugins.

  • But, also I use PollyLang plugin for multi language. Also Can I use PollyLang with this plugin or not
  • You can use only one plugin at a time to translate either WPML or PolyLang plugin.
  • Now I use PolyLang plugin and Please tell me how can I solve my translation problem with PolyLang plugin. Because your help document is related with WPML but I use PollyLang plugin solve my this problem
  • Please tell me how can I solve my problem using PolyLang Free version. Because I try to use WPML, I see that this plugin is not free for that reason I want to use Free Version of PolyLang plugins for solving my problem

  • Before using PolyLang plugging, it is must add your default language and the language in which you want to translate. First copy the sentence which you want to translate. Let we support you want to change the string: We work for the best clients

    Now Go to => WP-Menu => Settings => Languages => Click on String Translation Tab =>

    Now here, search the string and add it's respective translated string to the translated language option. screenshot

    Note: If you did not found any sting while searching you just need to edit the content and re-publish the changes. But just do some minute changes so you can able re-publish. Forex. just add space at the end of
    "We work for the best clients " and re-publish again. After that, you will find the string while searching in String Translation Settings".

    For more clear view:
    Please see the below-attached screenshots

    Let me know did it work.

  • Hi, @caglarturkurka

    Does here your query resolved?
  • Yes Thank you for your attention. But also I send new question about translate.
  • Glade to help you @caglarturkurka

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    Thanks for contacting us :)
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