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Does anybody knows how to disable some of the listetd social icons in the header and/or footer? We do not need all available icons supported in the Pro Theme. We only need Facebook, LinkedIn, YouToube..


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    Thanks for asking query to us . 
    If you want required icon your header and  footer social icon section . 
    For this go to Appearance >>customizer >> header setting >>  find the Social link tab and make remove the # link (means  blank the link field ) of respective icons would you want to remove  . 

    More help see the snapshot 

    Let me know for any confusion . 

  • Hi, thanks for the fast help. Very easy :-) Is it also possible to define the order of the icons without additonal development?
  • Hello 
    Right now there is no setting to manage the order of  social icon . 
    Its only possible by editing into the theme file . 
    If you want to edit the theme file ,  tell me the order of social icon and  I will provide code for you . 

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