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Hello, its my first post.

How to change the Project Slider timing, they ar too fast for me and customer dont have anught time to read the text inside.


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    To change the project slider timing follow the given below instructions:

    Go to your core theme directory >> js folder >> caroufredsel folder >> caroufredsel-element.js.

    Now open the "caroufredsel-element.js".

    And find the given below code snippet:

    duration : 3000,               
    timeoutDuration : 3000

    And change the highlighted text(in multiple of thousand) as per your requirement.

    Now save the changes.

    Let we know for further assistance.



  • Thx. work fine now.

    And slider for header, becose header slider do not turn befor click the arrow.
  • Kindly create separate ticket for separate issues.

    Closing this ticket down.
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