blog page

i need some help to create the page blog as your demo .



  • Hi
    Thanks for asking query to us . 
    To add blog template like our demo page for this you need to use Blog right sidebar template . 
    More help see the snapshot

    Look forward see you again at webriti.

  • ok thank you yes i dont seen the tamplate on the right.

    it works thanks
  • sory i have a other question 

    how we put Read More Button on the page , on the page , to have a demo of the article 
  • Hi 
    Thanks for asking query  again .
    For this you need to insert more tag . 
    Insert more tag  into the post editor   content   where you want to  show read  more button . 
    Regarding  more tag 
    refer this link 

    Let  me know for any confusion .

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