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Hi, sorry for bothering you again, 

but I still can't manage to insert a link clicking the images on elitepress pro theme (services section).

I created a child theme and then I activated the plugin "theme editor" (I tried WP editor before, but it wasn't tested with my WP version and I had to uninstall and install WP again to fix the problem as my previous topic ).

Anyway, I created a file named "index-service.php" and pasted the code from here: 

Now, I'm here: 

Where should I insert the links I need in the code to make the images clickable?


  • HI 
    The steps you have done is perfect .
    Now let me know did you activate child theme or not . 

  • edited May 2018
    Yes I activated child theme and now I know how to switch from original theme to the child one. 
    Still don't get where I should put the links I need
  • Hi 
    Dear its really  strange whats going wrong with your end . 
    Bz every thing is working fine at our  end . 
    So Last way is ,  If possible send me your admin detail at my email address 

    SO that I will check whats missing at your end . 

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