Chevron icons in slider not showing any more

Neither Chevron icons in slider nor social-icons in footer are showing properly on my appointment Webpage. My guess is that this is due to a manual update I did of awesome icons to 5.x following this instructions. The new icons work well, e.g., in the Service-template. However, since many icon names changed in version 5 and also some of the syntax ("fa" is no more valid for some icons, you need "fas" or other commands to insert icon in html) I suppose that in the css code of appointment this has to be adjusted for the chevron icons of the slider and for the social icons in footer and header (albeit, I don't use them in the header).

The site address is:

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    When using the menu widget in the footer-area, the same problem with missing icons happens at the beginning of every menu-item. (See footer-area at
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    Hi, @elxolote

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  • You have added the new version of awesome icons in the footer. But some icons come via style sheet of the theme. Please revert the changes you made first, then after let me know where and which new icon you want to use.

  • Thanx for following up, I will revert the changes. I think I can stay with the older version of awesome font. The problem was rather, that in your documentation the link referred to for icon names currently shows the names for version 5. I think the documentation of appointment should be updated in this regard. Now that I have found the catalogue for version 4 of awesome font there should be no problem returning to version 4.x. There are enough icons int that version. Maybe returning ton version 4 will bring some problems with the syntax in my html widgets at the footer (contact info in 3 offices). If so I will report here.
  • Hi, @elxolote

    It's should be better to use the default version (4.7.0) of font awesome comes with Appointment theme. Further, If you face any issue with footer section, please create a new ticket with a screenshot (where you face icon issue) and with your site URL.

    Thanks for contacting us :)
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