Homepage icon issue

Hi. I've got some issues with icons on the homepage. In the services
section of the homepage, icons don't appear correctly: they seem smaller
than the right dimension they had before and they're not coloured any
more, infact now they're grey. Some icons don't appear: you can see a
circle in which there are a blinking question mark and an exclamation
point. The social media link section on the top of the homepage and on
the footer copyright section have got the same issue; also the callout
of the footer section and the contact information section have got the
same issue. My web site url is: https://www.avvocatolomaistro.it
you connect to the website, for some seconds icons appear correctly, but
then they change their aspect. Who can help me? Maybe is there a
compatibility issue of the theme with the last recent upgrade of
wordpress (4.9.5 IT)? I tryed to use a different browser, but with no


  • Hi 
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    Let me know are you using any plugin if yes kindly deactivate all plugin one by one and check your issue resolve or not bz it may be any plugin conflict with the theme . 

    Feel free to ask us for further assistance . 

  • Thank you a lot, you were right! I resolved deactivating a plug in: WP Google Maps, that was updated three days ago.
  • Hi 
    Glade to know that its resolve !
    Look forward see you again at webriti. 

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