Appointment pro php errors

Hello we are running v 1.77 and getting php errors since the latest wp update.

Where can I find the theme update files? I am unable to locate them in our account.

Pls advise.

thank you


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    We can see you have added a lots of code customization in appointment pro parent theme. If you update your theme with the latest version your customization will be lost. So we could not recommend you to update your theme. kindly share your site admin details on my email id 

    we will fix the error.


  • Thanks Abhishek will do
  • Can we easily move the customization to the child theme? 
  • Hi tangiblewords

    we have not permission to update your theme file, please give use the permission so we can edit your theme core file for wp-admin and save them

  • Hello Abhishek

    Which permission are you lacking? Is it your ip is getting blocked, or the folder write permissions? Did you receive an email for the admin account I created for you?

    Thank you

  • Hi, @tangiblewords

    We are unable to save the edited file changes. Maybe you have not given us the file write permissions. Please check & change the write permissions.

  • email sent to Abhishek's address with another login to try.
  • Hello, not sure if you are doing anything in the site at the moment, but we are now getting this error and everything is broken: Can you please update us and let us know. Thank you

    Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete.

    Appointment Pro ChildThe parent theme is missing. Please install the "appointment-pro-17" parent theme.
  • Hi, @tangiblewords

    We had not done any changes yet. But still not able to save the changes after login with another detail which you had sent to @abhishek

    So try to do this change manually on your side. Edit file functions.php of parent theme and replace whole code with this code.

    Let me know again.

  • Thank you that's got it going again. 
  • Glade to help You!

    Thanks for contacting us :)
  • Thanks for getting us sorted. 
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