Changing font color in slider

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Hi, I want to know how to change the font color that is white in main page as well as in the other pages.
Also change color of footer background and the section footer call out area section or add images in both sections.



  • Why not add options to reallycustomize this template, well it looks great, but it's  not that easy to use... It could be way better with these changes?
    Good luck
  • We haven't provided a feature to add the color.

    So you have to firbug ie inspect the element class and add the same class with you values in custom css box of the theme.

    For Example for chnaging header color of slider you required rule is

    #featured h2{color:your color code}

    Similarly for description part add this in custom css box #featured .description{color: your color code}

    Similarly find others.

  • Hey and what about the fonts in the page header background image? What code should be used to change color of those fonts?

  • Hi Again

    Use these style rules 
    .hc_page_header_area h1{font-family:you font; font-size: your; color:your; }

    Add the above rule through custom css box.

  • Did that work? If yes, than can I close this ticket.
  • Thanks, yes it did work.
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