Front page image size

Images of both "callout section" and "customer's voice section" are wide enough, as wide as screen size.
But Images of slider is more narrow than those. Is that possible to make it wider?



  • Hello
    Kindly upload required width & height image slider image . 
    We can increase height of the slider image size via css code , Generally we do not recommend  this way bz it  will effect on the responsive ness feature of the image . 

    So kindly upload  your required height image size image . 

  • Hi,

    I might misunderstood how it works.

    So if I use wider image for slider, then slider image would be wider? I thought my image was resized automatically.

    In terms of your comment "bz it  will effect on the responsive ness feature of the image ", I wonder why. 
    Because, for example, customer voice image is actually longer, but there's no problem for responsiveness. Why responsiveness matters only for slider image?
  • Hello
    You have two website for which website you are getting issue . 
    Kindly always share your respective website url  of that you want assistance . 

    So that we can take a look and assist you better . 

  • Sorry @akhilesh

    I was talking about ( )

  • Hi 
    To show slider on full width .
    Add  the below css code inside the custom css box . 

    .homepage-mycarousel .carousel-inner > .item > img {
        width: 100% ! important;

    Let me know for further assistance .

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