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Good Morning.
I'm having 2 problems with this theme.
1st - when I create new pages the topic after 10 15 minutes loses the links to these pages.
2 - slider will get the images placed in each new article but only 1. Let 's imagine that I have 4 articles with images only one is available the others are blank


  • Hi xoffice

    Its really strange. we never face such type off issue.

    Let us know did you use any plugin if yes please deactivate all your plugin one by one and let us know did you face same issue.


  • It's already solved.
    1st a plugin was blocking site.
    2º for the images to pass in the slider, you have to create an article in arm for each one and add featured image

  • Hey there,

    Glad you figured it out! Cheers.

    Closing this ticket.

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