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I am new to WordPress... 
I installed a forum on my website. But cannot figure out how to add it in the menu of elitepress.

Thanks for your help


  • Hello @klamort
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    We have little confusion regarding your issue . 
    Kindly more clear your issue so that we can assist you  better . 

  • I found the problem... I just didn't figure out how to add a menu.

    But I have another question.

    If you clic on my main page ;

    How can I make the picture bigger on the slide

  • Hello 
    For better image aspect ratio .
    Kindly uplaod 1600*600px size image . 

    To show image on full size add the below css code inside the  Appearance >> additional css box and  add the below css code inside this box . 

    .flexslider .slides > li > img {
        width: 100% ! important;


  • Thanks, but it is not working, in fact it is worst than before.

    When I enter the code above, it is telling me that there is one error, and I can use it anyway at my own risk.
  • Oups.... Forget what I said... it is working.
  • But the picture are blur, and they are all 1600x600
  • Hello 
    You did not upload  600px height image . 
    I have checked and original size is 113 see the snapshot ;

    Kindly upload 1600 *600 px size image . 

  • Thanks... I just didn't see that at the right side of the screen I had to put the exact pixel of the picture... It is solved.
  • Hi 
    Glade to know that its work for you ! 
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