Contact form is not working

Hello there,
I have downloaded, installed and activated Contact Form 7. I have created a new page, updated it and (I think) followed your advice from the blog. However it is not working at all in Rambo.
I have tried to make Contact Form 7 work on a different page than Contact page (template). And here it is working fine.
Please advice me. How can I improve the formular?


  • PS: when I am trying the form and updating with name, email and message - the answer is "Please write a message" in red letters.
  • Hi mundu_cfgd

    Its working perfect on our end.You are using too old theme version package . 

    And we have also check your subscription plan has been expired. Please update your subscription to receive continue update and support.

  • Thank you very much. If I understand you right will our theme/Contact formular only work if we continue to pay for the subscription?
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