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Hi. I am working on a new website in Busiprof and I had uploaded an awsome full width header image (situated just below the header/menu on the font page). I then upgraded to the Busiprof Pro version to get some more features, and alas, my full width header image was converted into a slider with title and description standing to the left and a very small version of my image to the right. So now I'm all tears. You can see it here: http://lkgrafik.dk.linux160.unoeuro-server.com/ ;

I have tried hard to find some settings where I can make the (slider) image full width again, or upload a background image, but without any luck. I want it to look like it did before I installed the Pro-version - i.e. a full width (slider) image with the titel and description inside the image. Is it possible to solve this problem?

Also my settings for Projects on the front page have vanished. Where are the settings now? Where can I choose the thumbnail images and type in the text for each project?

Can some one help me please?


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    Thanks for asking query to us . 
    lets take step by step process . 
    To manage slider in pro theme refer this link .
    For your slider issue add the below css code inside the Appearance >> customizer >> Additional css box
    Add the below css code inside the additional css box . 

    .flexslider .slides img {
        width: 100% ! important;

    For your projection section issue kindly create separate ticket bz multiple issue in  single thread create complexity to handle better support query . 

    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Hi Akhilesh

    The additional css works fine. Thank you very much :)

    However, your link does not work - I get this in left bottom corner:       

    (denied:.flexslider .slides img {    width: 100% ! important; }

    Can you send it again or send the url?

    I will address the other issue in a new ticket. 

  • Hi 
    To manage slider refer this link .

  • Thanks Akhilesh :) Works fine.
  • Hi 
    Glade to know that its work for you ?
    Look forward see you again at webriti. 

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