Services and Portfolio Templates Areas questions

2. I would like to create a page called Prices, and I would like to use Services template, as well as add more content to that page. It is possible? How?

Also, when I try to use Portfolio Template, instead to see 3 or 4 columns in the same line, I can only see two… I give an example:
Also, I would like not to see page number.

On the portfolio menu, is there some way in order to sort the several ones? (like on pages). This will be useful in order to show the desired ones as designer wish.


  • Hi 

    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    Never bundle multiple query  in single thread . 
    Bz it create complexity to handle better support query . 
    So pls create separate ticket for you each issue . 

    For service template issue . 
    Kindly add new page and assign service template to it and tell me on which place would you want additional template . 

    For Portfolio template issue kindly create separate ticket . 

  • Ok. This is like:
    I already have a page called "planes de precios" with service template applied in "page properties or atrributes". 

    So, when I preview the page, it only appears the info added in featured services. 

    Is the only way to go, to add a link to every one of the services, creating a specific page for every service? 

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