Testimonial area in home page

I need to know if I can insert a shortcode in the "testimonial area" containing rss code to publish news.
I used all the other available areas and this is the only one available.
Can I use it in a different way? Instead of testimonials can I insert anything in it?
Thank you,


  • Hi @maranove

    First create the child theme of elitepress theme

    Let me know after create the child theme

  • I already work in child theme

  • edited November 2017

    Now follow the below steps:-
    1) Open your new child theme directory of elitepress.
    2) Create a new file there with index-testimonial.php name .
    3) Edit the file and paste the complete code from the link : https://pastebin.com/agBZQPAp
    4) Replace [mycode] at line no. 65 approximately with your desired shortcode.
    for ex. [new short code]
    5) Save the changes and activate your child-theme of elitepress.

    Let me know whether it works for you


  • Kindly let me know whether your query resolved or any issue.

  • still did not try. I will inform you asap.
    Thank you,
  • Hi @maranove Any Update please or allow us to close the discussion if query resolved  :-S
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