SLIDER Problems: slider keeps sliding, while (slide)video keeps playing, doesn't stop on hover


On my WordPress website with the Appointment Pro Theme i have a couple of sliders on my home page.
On the second slider i have a video. The problem is that video keeps playing and the slide doesn't even stop. So when the slider is sliding, people can still hear the video playing.......but they are already looking to the next slide without a video.
So my queastions are:
1. Why doesn't slider on the Appointmet Pro theme automatically stop sliding on mouse hover?
2. Why does slider keep sliding, while watching a video in a slide? People can't even finish watching a video in the slide, even with full screen. The slide just keeps going on.

Hopefully you can help me with this.

Kind regards.



  • Hi
    Thanks for contacting to us . 
    Kindly check our theme demo ,   slider is automatically stop when  sliding on mouse hover . 
     When  we show slider video in full screen , slider is stop . 
    Kindly see our demo its working perfect at you  want . 

    Also share your site url so that we can take a look and assist you better . 

  • Hi 
    Did your query resolved ?

  • Yes, thanks.
  • Glad to help you.

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