Square Video Thumbnails / Video not stopping when window is closed

Hi i have two problems with your plugin

1. Is it somehow possible to show square video thumbnails? It would look much better in the feed if every image has the same sice
2. When I close a running video (lightbox), the video keeps playing in the background.

Thanks for your answers and updates!



  • Hi ge-sehen

    Let me know which plugin version you are using because every thing is working fine on our end.

    1. Can you please share your site URL where you are using our plugin. So we can take a closer look and let you know.

    2. Video stop on light box closing. Kindly click on light box close icon. you can a demo on our demo page 

    play any of video and then click on the close icon Then let me know did it work or not.


  • Hi A

    1. It's used on http://digitalemassarbeit.ch/#section-231 (Version 1.6.4 (downloaded and installed this morning))

    2. I know that works. But when someone clicks outside the window (common use) the video keeps playing.

    I just had another problem. My shortcode is the following:

    [easyinstagramfeed cols="6" num="12" userid="193450" hashtag="digitalemassarbeit"]

    Columns work and the filtering seems to be fine too, BUT the number of loaded images is off. How can I define that 12 images are loaded by default and every time someone clicks on "Load more"

  • Hi ge-sehen

    Let me clear one thing did you want to show you Instagram user account "193450" feeds that have tagged by "digitalemassarbeit"

    If yes then kindly use below given shortcode you can not use user id and hashtag together.

    [easyinstagramfeed cols="6" num="12" userid="193450" filteruserid="yes" taggedby="digitalemassarbeit]

    We are working on your query video stop playing on  click out side of light box.


  • That was exactly what I was trying to do.

    But still it shows 9 instead of 12 images/videos!

    And is there a solution to get the preview images all the same for images and movies to be square?

  • yes its working fine as we hope.

    Let me explain why its not show all 12 medias

    Let's take an example, the Instagram allow us to fetch at the max 32 media items. There is no provision given, to filter user specific feeds by hash tags. So we have coded in such a manner that out of 32 items, the plugin will display those media items which pass the filter criteria, ie, say you have in total 96 media items and you have hash tag called "digitalemassarbeit" on 15 media items. Now from first 32 sets of media, filter passes only 3 media items, then 3 items will be shown, on the second set of request say 12 media items passes the filter than 12 media item will display and lastly one will on the last request.

    So it's not possible to show a same number of the item on the click of Load More with the current base (as per your criteria) and it took a lot of customization which is not possible right now.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,

  • ok, thanks for your explenation.

    What about the square thumbnails? Instagram itself shows every entry as a square thumbnail on their site.
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    Hi ge-sehen

    We have fixed you're both issues on our end please share your site admin details on my email id we will fix that on your end.
    my email id is [email protected] 

    Thanks for the point out these issues.


  • If your issue resolved can i close this ticket.

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