Need some help document for featured (home) slider setting

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Can you please send me  the links to help me in setting featured slider as I am having some difficulties in setting it up.



  • I Need to know the size of images used (as in your demo) also the configuring the text (i.e. blinking etc) and if there was a way to remove 3 stars shown on top of text in slider. Will you be releasing any help document for this theme soon?

  • Hi

    Most appropriate size is 960 px by 420 px

  • Yes soon we will be releasing documentation
  • Thanks Priyanshu

    I also noticed that the theme doe snot have any social media icon/links etc. Do you hany plans to include them in theme or do you recommend any plug-in to inlcude social media?

  • In the present design no option for social media links are provided. If you want to add than you  can use any of the available plugins/widgets in the front page widgetized  area.
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