Header Image

I want my header image to be the same on the home page as it is with the rest of the website. When I shut the slider off it becomes a blank space. 

Additionally I lost most of my website when I upgraded. Is there a way to get it back?

Thank you


  • HI 

    In our pro theme all the section on the home page managed via custom post  type . 

    Refer our theme docs link , Where you can find all the guide  how to add slider service and all other sections on the home  page . 

  • Hi

    TO show header image on home page . 
    Follow the given below instruction 
    To do the layout changes  I would like to suggest you to create child theme . 
    To create child theme refer this link . 

    After creating child theme  .

    1 Create home.php file in child them directory .

    2 Replace the code of it with the code mention with this link . 

    Let us know for further assistance . 


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