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I've been reading that the support for the WallStreet theme is superb but I haven't received any replies to at least 5 emails in the past 2 days.

Anyone else with similar experiences?



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    At this email address: [email protected]
  • To begin with I can't get the child theme "Bluestreet" to connect to "Wallstreet Pro".
    I've tried deleting Wallstreet and it causes an issue with Bluestreet.
    Tried everything.
  • HI 

    Download and install  our Wallstreet  pro theme it have all the feature of " Bluestreet " child theme . 

    To install theme refer this link . 

    To set up content in our pro theme refer theme docs link . 

    Let us know for further assistance . 

  • I did install it. What I wrote above is that I can't get it to connect. Bluestreet shows, upgrade to pro.
  • Hi 

    Send me your admin detail at my email address 

    So that we can check whats going wrong with your end . 

    And assist you better . 

  • I sent it yesterday. Hope to get a reply soon.
  • HI 
    I have resolve your issue . 
    Now check your worpdress dashborad .
    Working fine . 
    Issue is that you uploaded Wallstreet Pro   theme but did not activate it  . 

  • Obviously that wasn't the problem. I want to use Bluestreet not Wallstreet. I tried to upgrade Bluestreet.
    If you read my comments you'll see that I can't get the child theme Bluestreet to connect to Wallstreet.
    I earlier activated it but you can see that you completely changed the site by using that theme.
    Please show me how to get "Bluestreet" to work. I've repeatedly said that I did work on Bluestreet and do not want to have to redo all that work.
    Are you telling me that there is no way to upgrade Bluesteet to Bluestreet pro?
    In that case, why does it say "Upgrade to pro" in that theme?

  • I'm still waiting for help. Still no closer in solving my issue since the very first post about support here on the 7th.
    It's not acceptable to have to wait so long for help. All I want to do is have the pro version of Bluestreet working.
    Not pro version of Wallstreet. When I activate Wallstreet all my changes are gone. Otherwise it would be ok to start using Wallstreet.
    What is the sense in having a button under Bluestreet "Upgrade to Pro" and the child theme does not update to pro.
    Another solution would be that you show me how to easily apply my changes to Wallstreet pro. I can't even figure out the 
    "Service settings" (picture, text and links) on the Wallstreet Pro
    or the "Project Settings" (Portfolio, images, text and links) on the Wallstreet Pro.
    It's that different from Bluestreet which by the way differs very much from traditional Wordpress themes.
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  • What happens to Service settings and Project settings when switching from Wallstreet to Wallstreet Pro?
    You have my login details. Switch over and try to see the projects and services and you'll see that they are not there.
  • Hi
    Sorry for your inconvenience dear . 
    Blustreet is a child  theme of the Wallstreet . 

    So all the functionality of  wallstreet  and   blustreet  child theme ,have functionality in wallstreet pro theme +  wallstreet pro theme theme also have additional functionality . 

    Conclusion :- If you use wallstreet pro theme in that case no need to use blustreet child theme . 

  • Activate pro them and let me know step by step in which section are you getting issue . 
    In pro theme we managed front page section via custom post type . 
    To set up content  refer theme docs link . 

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  • Also, I don't like waiting days for support. You need to either turn your day around and give good 24 hour support or hire someone to do it if you want good reviews.
  • HI 
    Thanks for your patience .
    Finally issue resolve . 

    Pls allow us to close this ticket .

    Thanks ! 
  • All is well now. Thanks so much for your help. I of course like to receive help much quicker but after we got in touch the issue was well resolved.
  • Of course you may close the ticket.
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