Site speed super slow

With using this theme, we are finding the speed of the site super slow. Things like too many HTML requests, java and CSS scripts should be combined, removing render-blocking javascript in above the fold...

What are your recommendations?



  • Hello
    Your query is not theme related . 
    For this you need to use different-different  tools to increase your site speed . 
    To sort out  removing render-blocking javascript in above the fold optimization .
    Use   above the fold optimization plugin .
    Download the plugin from this link . 

    Also refer this link .


  • edited June 2017

    Your  subscription for theme have been expired . 
    So if you want further support you need  to  renew your  subscription account . 
    According to our  privacy policy ,  We provide  theme update and support for one year . 

    SO if you want further support pls renew your  theme package . 


  • Do I have to purchase the theme all over again or is there a button on my WordPress that says new update available purchase here and it does it automatically?
  • Hi
    Yes After completion of  one yes if you continue get support and update you need to purchase theme . 

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