Title / Alt Tag not w3c Valid / Business Edition

We are receiving the error, "No space between attributes", with the default plugin configuration. We know this has been a previously resolved issue on the free version, but appears it may have slipped by in the paid version... Please review as soon as possible. Feel free to run the Nu HTML validator on the URL, template1.ourdemosites.com, to preview the issue. Best, 


  • Hi highervis

    Yes this is a small issue in our plugin we are working on this and release a new version with fixed in couple of hours. we will let you know when update is ready then you can update your plugin with latest version.

    Thanks for point out this.

  • Any updates? We would like to apply the updated version to our sites as soon as possible. Best, 
  • Hi highervis

    Apologies for such a late reply.

    We have fixed this issue and release a new version 1.5.2 
    You can download latest version from your amember dashboard http://webriti.com/amember/login and update your plugin.

    Let me know did it work. 

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