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running the PRO version of Wallstreet; as far as the theme seems nice, it has really a bad code conception as it is unbelievable to change CSS just for some simple things.

The footer (widget area) has 4 portions to insert widgets themselves; if only two widget are needed, the space of the container doesn't expand and there's no option to specify.
Checking the code is kind of risky at this stage - we had a deep look at but weren't able to find anything good.

Please advice.


  • Hi etherea

    Yes this is very hard to manage footer column layout with activated widget at this time. if you want to use two widget in your footer section with the current code we can manage footer layout with code customization. so let me confirm your footer column layout then we will provide you custom code.

    Also let us know where you need to change CSS  as your first sentence. 

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    as for the footer, I just managed to use 2 columns widget, then a blank one and finally a widget with a custom design in order to match our design.
    Generally, however, almost every theme with widget support has the ability to get stretched as per use of the space, maybe you could implement the feature in a new release.
    The other option was to hide the footer and create some custom HTML by hand to put at the end of the index.php page.

    For the CSS, I've already managed to change and put the custom code I needed; the custom is clearly obvious to be stored for personal uses but, generally talking, shouldn't be that hard to customise some CSSs and codes. Unskilled users (as seen in the whole 14 pages of this thread) were unhappy and asked for refund.

    Thanks for your quick reply.
    This can be considered as closed.
  • Hi 

    Sure we will refund you the money.

    But we have snippet for this which will create 2 column layout for 2 widgets markup. If you are interested than do let us know.

  • Just to be clear, I don't want any refund.
    I was just pointing out what is my and other unskilled users experience with the theme was.

    I know how much time is needed to code, recode, transform and put live a theme.
    Unfortunately not every user has the good knowledge about customising and coding wordpress/php/css and this theme has a lack of documentation.

    I still believe the effort put into developing and answering every question in the forum is a valuable support.
    So keep it up!

  • Hi etherea

    Thanks for your good suggestion. we will discuss with our development team about all that and if possible release next version with maximum fixed.  

    Let me clear did you want 2 column footer layout snippet. let me know then we will share code with you.


  • Hello, 

    I managed myself to insert an empty slot at third position.
    Thanks for the help.
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