slider arrows not working

The slider arrows on my homepage slider ( do not work on either the mobile or desktop site. The thumbnail arrows work fine, but the next arrows at the end of the large slider images do not work. When I click them, nothing happens. It SHOULD click to the next slide, but instead nothing happens. 


  • Hello dear 

    I suggest you to update theme with latest theme package but you still do not update . 
    Pls update theme with latest version . 
    To update theme refer this link . 
    If still are you getting issue let me know . 

  • Is the update going to change all my customizations though? I've spent to much time already on this forum.. don't want to have to start over with all the bugs. 
  • Hello 

    If you made changes in the parent theme directory  code  file , that changes will loose . 

    Other kind of changes  will remains same . 
    Your customizer settings data will also remains same . 

    If you want to prevent loose of data , changes made inside the  parent theme .
    You can use child  theme and add parent theme modified file inside the child theme directory . 
    To create  child theme refer this link . 


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