Slider not displaying properly on mobile device

The homepage slider does not display properly on a mobile device. If you look at the mobile view, the word "Next" cut off, plus there is no post information/text so it's just a slider of images without identification. 


  • Hi 

    To hide the Next  cut off word for this add the below css code inside the custom css box . 

    .flex-direction-nav a { 
      height: 40px ! important;

    By default we hide description bar and thumbnails in the mobile device bz mobile device screen size is small . 
    If we show  image and description bar in mobile device the image and description is mix up . 
    So that we hide this bar . 

  • thank you, that worked. However, when you tap the arrows, it doesn't navigate to the next slider. I'm having issues with this on the desktop site as well.. the arrows don't work. 
  • Hi  Dear 
    Pls create separate ticket for separate issue . 
    If your  first issue resolve let me  know . 
    So that we can close this ticket .

  • Yes, that worked. Thank you. I opened a new ticket regarding my other issue.
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