homepage slider issues (spasalon)

I posted this issues but accidentally chose a different theme.. it wouldn't let me edit, so I'm reposting.

I have THREE issues with the homepage slider (Spasalon theme):

1) it does not seem to rotate through posts. I have it set to 3 posts, which is all I want.. and when it automatically slides left to the next post, it leaves blank spots to the right.

2) how do I change the font color of the slider thumbnail? As it it, you can't read the text on the image. Or is there a way to remove it altogether so that it doesn't display? 

3) the homepage slider does not display properly on a mobile device. If you look at the mobile view, the word "Next" cut off, plus there is no post information/text so it's just a slider of images without identification. 


  • Hi

    Please follow the below instruction 

    1. Please confirm if you change the code in Template then first undo the code.

    2. Add the more than 5 slider posts.

    3. For change the text color Go to WP-dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> General setting >> Custom css  add the below code in custom css box and save the code.

    .thumb-caption span { color:#f5f5f5; } .thumb-caption span h4 { color:#f5f5f5; }

    Let me know did it work.


  • Hi Guys

    Please do not bundle your issues in single ticket, it creates lots of confusion....

  • Hi, apologies for bundling in one ticket. 

    Regarding the first issue, I do not understand what you mean by "Please confirm if you change the code in Template then first undo the code." Where and how do I do this? 

  • Hey @quitaortiz 

    Regarding your first issue . 
    I have checked your theme version . You are using older version of the theme . 
    We already resolve this issue in our theme latest version . 

    Kindly update theme with latest version . To update theme with latest version refer this link . 
    Let me know for further assistance . 

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