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I have one question: can i have on project page (http://webriti.com/demo/wp/rambo/rambo_project/funny-bunny/) more than one image? 
When i click on featured image appears navigation arrows, but i can add more pictures.

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  • Hi cbbeny

    Sorry for inconvenience right now this feature did not available in where you want. 

    For this you need to hire a developer to do it , because its a part of feature enhancement .  
    Required much code customization .

  • Hello,

    I find a way to make it work.

    However, it make no sense to have lightbox active here: 

    There it looks more like an issue... There are displayed 4 projects, and on lightbox i can see more than 4 images... and i can not understand from where they come :)

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  • Hi
    It is coming from project you have added  in the respective category . 
    Pls check in the Portfolio/Project Tab << Add new  project << and particular category how many item you have added . 
    Kindly add more then 4  item the in respective category . 

    Fell free to ask us   for further assistance . 

  • edited February 2017
    Hi cbbeny

    Did  the above solution work for you ?

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