Business edition does not work on featured image

Hi. I am working on a development site with hundreds of recipes. I just
purchased the Business edition, and it is not working. I've tried
disabling nearly all plugins, I don't have a cache set on the images -
but I've cleared my browser cache anyway, and I've fiddled with the
settings, but I am only able to get it to work on small featured images,
not full size featured images. You can see an example on this recipe
page here:

larger image of the carrot cake is pulled from the featured image.  But
all it is showing when I look at the image properties is the post title
that seems to be a WordPress default. The smaller image is also pulled
from the same featured image. I can get that to display as "%name as
seen on website." But only if I have this filled in
for both the Alt Attribute Value and the Title Attribute Value, and
also have both set for Yes.  I'm not sure I understand the difference,
but when I only used one or the other, only the image file name
displayed.  I also have the Do You Want To make SEO images also set to
YES (although it is really not clear what that option does).

You can see a screenshot of my settings here:

What I am trying to do is to get the larger image to display the full value:  %title as seen on The Jewish Kitchen website. 

Please help because I have to take the site live over this weekend, and I want to use this for best-practices on SEO.

Thanks for your help. Alan


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