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I just intalled the Corpbiz pro theme and imported the dummy data xml file as directed. I installed the Polylang plugin.

How do I make my front Page bilingual? to include the Services, portfolios in French.

I found the location to update the strings but there are items that are not as straight forward as the Client, and staff section.

I'm using English and French.

The primary question is really to have the Front Page en English and French appropriately.



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    Please elaborate are you talking about the Client and Staff Section heading or the complete section content.

  • abhishek Hi.

    I would like to display services and Portfolio in French on the French FrontPage  and on other French pages
    and Service and Portfolio in English on the English FrontPage and other Pages in English.

    As a separate issue: It seems that the Front Page is currently only displaying in English for both languages
  • akhilesh  hi,

    I already Configured Polylang to display pages in French and English. I already configured bilingual menus, I already configured the string in English and French. What I am trying to do is the following:

    1. Have French Content ( including services, Portfolio, call out and Projects)  in French on the French Front Page.
    2. Have French only content such the Services Protfolio etc. on the French Pages. same goes for the English Pages.

    For example: right now, On both Front Pages, All services are showing that includes French and English.

    3. Could you provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to create a French Front-Page like your default theme with content in French as opposed to Englsih?

    Thank you.
  • Again FYI, I am using Polylang. Cheers.
  • Hi

    All our support staff are on leave on the eve of new year. Will resume on monday.

    Happy New Year

  • After research I was able to figure out most of the issues.
    Could you please answer the following:

    1. How to display the Homepage Client, Protfolio, Services and Project in other languages?
     ==> Right now, under: <Appearance | Customize | Headers | Front Page > all those items have their title available only in        one language. I would like to be able to show the titles in both languages.
    2. I would like to add an email icon and email field to the <Our staff > section,  for each staff member. Please advise.
    3. I  would like to add a telephone number to the <our staff> section for each staff member. please advise.
    4. I would like to be able to arrange the order in which each staff member shows in that section. Please advise.

    Thank you.
  • I have a list of client logos that I would like to display on the website. What is the best way to do that?
  • HI  @lerlan1

    Ok Grt ! 

    Let's take step by step process . 
    For your #4 issue .
    To reorder  team post type  refer this link . 

  • Ok, Thank you. Item 4 is done.

    I'm looking forward to the resolution of the other items.

  • Hi 

    For  adding   #2 issue and #3 issue  . 
    It's a part of feature enhancement ,  required much code customization . 

    It is possible but  Its beyond the scope of our support .  For this you need to hire a developer to do it . 


  • Hi 

    For  your  #1 issue .  
    Kindly create separate ticket for  your issue . 

    Bz multiple issue in single thread create complexity to handle better support query . 


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