Couple questions, slider without left right arrows, slider image desc, and header menu text color

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Hi there,

May I have to know where I can hidden the left right arrow?

And, how to change the slider image desc box size and the header menu text color?



  • Actually, if I can change the slider arrow and arrow box color is also ok. thx.
  • Hi

    Paste this given css code in your theme custom css box 

    To hide left and right arrow on slider.

    .flex-direction-nav .flex-next{
    .flex-direction-nav .flex-prev{

    To change slider caption box size.
    .slide-caption .overlay {
            width: 65% !important;

    Change  width value  as you need.

    Let me know did it work.


  • Dear A,

    Thanks. It's work. 

    How about the  the header menu text color? There's a header menu at the right hand side which next to the company logo. As now I changed the .navbar to white color with 0.8 transparent. So, the menu text cannot be seen. I would like to change the text color when mouse out. Thanks.
  • Also use this custom css to change menu color 

    .navbar .navbar-nav > li > a {
        color: #a01313;
    .navbar .navbar-nav > .active > a{ color: #a01313;}

    Let me know.

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    Dear A,

    Thanks very much! It's great!! 

    But sorry that my client keep asking.. what about move the header menu bar underneath the company logo?

    The header menu bar now should be at the right hand side, now he's asking move to the next line. It means a new div block right underneath the company logo div. 

    Not really want to bother you too much, but I for see he will keep asking the following,

    1. move the menu under the company logo,
    2. change the menu bar color,
    3. put the menu to the right (align right), or center or left... 

    Really Sorry Abhishek but I appreciate your kindly help!! thanks so much!
  • Hi acumensystem

    Unfortunately, the theme doesn’t support this customization by default and as much as I’d love to help you with some custom code, it’s beyond the support offered for our products which consists in bug fixing and documentation. However, we recommend you to hire a freelancer who will do the job for you. Hope you understand.

  • Dear A,

    Understood. Thanks for your help. 

  • If you allow can i close this ticket.

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