Service Icon custom color

Hi there,

I know there're 4 colors that I can change in service icon. But what if I want to have custom color? Where and how I can add it to? Thanks.


  • HI
    Thanks for using our theme . 
    For this you need to change color property value . 
    Add the below css code into Appearance << Customizer << header setting << Custom css box . 

    .service_icon_green {
        color: #66d1b9;

    .service_icon_red {
        color: #fa7073;

    .service_icon_blue {
        color: #70b1fa;
    .service_icon_orange {
        color: #efb74b;

    Change color code value as your need . 
    Let me know for further assistance . 

  • Sorry A, 

    I can't found Appearance -> Customizer , is it Appearance -> Customize? But I cannot find Header Setting or Custom CSS Box after Customize. 

  • Hey
    Its working well.

    Which version of theme are you using .
    Let us know .
    Bz it may be you are using older version of theme .

    If possible share your site URL .
  • Dear A,

    I am using 1.6.4.

  • HI
    Sorry for your inconvenience . 

    Go to Appearance << Customizer <<  Find the  Home Page Tab   <<  Click on home page setting <<  Click on The Quick start tab <<   And find the custom css box . Then  enter custom css box .  

    More help see the snapshot . 

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