Call Out Section on all Pages

Hi there,

I am using Corpbiz version 1.6.4.

How can I make the Call Out Section display on all Pages, just higher then Footer? Thanks.


  • Hi acumensystem

    Let me conform you want to display footer call out on Blog, portfolio,contact,etc pages because its alredy display in service, about,etc pages

    Let me know so we help you better.

  • Dear Abhishek,

    No, actually I disabled Blog, Portfolio, contact pages. And I created some pages at Pages Section. The pages that I created on Pages Section will show as "Header, Page, Footer". I just want to shown like that, "Header, Page, Call Out, Footer". 

    Thanks for your support!
  • Hi 

    Ok That means you are using default template for creating page. let me know this is the page where you want to show call out section

    If yes then follow given instruction 

    Firstly create a Child theme. 

    1. Create a child theme you can use this plugin to create child theme

    2. Move a page.php file in your child theme directory.

    3. Find attached code in link and replace in child theme package page.php file  

    4. Activate child theme 

    Let me know did it work.


  • Yes. Exactly what I want. Thanks.

    But sorry that not too familier with it. I just added child theme creator plugin. Should I go to Theme Editor and replace the whole code from the link you attached then save?

    Will this amendment will aplly to all pages in Pages Section? Great if yes. Thanks.
  • yes 
    you can use wp editor plugin    to replace code 

    Let me know if you have any other confusion.

  • I pasted the code in Corpbiz page.php and activated Child Theme Creator. But nothing changed.
  • Hi 

    Ok if you pasted it in corpbiz page.php then activate corpbiz theme 

    If its not working

    Can you please share your site admin details on my email id 

    so we fixed it for you.

  • If use your code, the Call Out can't show.

    I just use <?php get_template_part('index', 'call-out-area'); ?> instead and now I can see the Call Out in some pages. But seems it's not compatible with a form button. I got 2 pages that have a "submit" button. And what I see is a thin blue line (which I guess that's the Call Out) underneath the Submit Button. 

    What can I do for it? Thanks.
  • Email sent. Many thanks for your help!
  •  Hi 


    Can i close this thread.

  • Resolved over email 

    closing this thread.

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