Customizing Home Page Template

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I'm pretty new to using Wordpress templates and have five questions, as described in detail in the attached image:
1. I deleted the "home" page that came with the package by accident and created a new one as the frontpage, based on your "Home Page" template. These two buttons still takes me to the pages that's now gone, and I cannot figure out where to modify the link.
2. I'd like to add a button in the logo section -- I've made the button using MaxButton plugin and managed to insert it to the header section, but cannot figure out how to align it to the right side, as the image shows.
3. I used one of the blog themes to set up this part as one static image with a tagline that takes people to a normal webpage rather than a blog post. How to do this? (The blog post itself has too many formatting restrictions so I'm just using it to set this part up but linking it to a webpage with a conventional format without tags, author name, time tag on the featured image, comments, etc.)
4. The "featured image" from the post does not show up. How do I add an image here?
5. Is there a way to change the color of the banner, or use a custom image?
Thanks in advance for your help!


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