Add/Edit a "Portfolio featured details"

Is there any way to add/edit a "Portfolio featured details" for a Project? The only options available are "Your clients" , "Visit website", "Button text", "Button link".. For my site, the "Your clients" is useless and I want to remove or edit it.



  • Hi

    If you don't want  Your clients , Visit website ...  info on the portfolio detail page  . 
    just leave it blank . 
    It will not show on the detail page . 

    let me know for further assistance .
  • I want to add another info there. I don't want Your clients, but I would like to have Your Custom Apps
  • HI

    For this we need to change into  the core theme file . 
    So , Are you familiar with the concept of the child  theme .
    Firstly create child theme and tell me . 
    To create child theme refer this link . 

  • Hi. I did this few days ago. I have already lost some changes in the past because I didn't create a child theme. 
    I don't know which files should I edit to add a new info.

    So I have a child theme. just let me know which file should I edit in the child theme.
  • HI 

    See the snapshot and clear  .
     Are you want to change the text Client  Appears on this  page link 

    To Your custom app


  • Hi akhilesh. yes you are right. I want to change the word Client, with another word.
  • HI 

    For this simply follow the given below instruction . 

    1 Find the single-rambopro_project.php file , copy this file and past into the child theme folder.
    2 Open it and find the below line of code on line no 55 . 

    <p><?php _e('Client:','rambo'); ?> <small><?php echo $portfolio_client_project_title; ?></small></p> 

    3 And Replace it with below line of code . 

    <p><?php _e(' Your Custom Apps:','rambo'); ?> <small><?php echo $portfolio_client_project_title; ?></small></p>

    Change the red text with your need . 

  • thanks. I went to the single-quality_portfolio.php, because this is the theme i'm using and did that change.
    It works brilliant! 

    you can close this ticket.
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