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I'd like to know how I can remove the blue banner which says "About" on the left and "Home/About" on the right. I realize it's the skin color I chose, and it's on every page, and I'd like to know how to remove it from my site.

Thank you!
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  • Hi 

    use this custom css rule in your theme custom css box.


  • HI

    Okay , You can remove it , For this . 
    Navigate to the WP-Admin <<Appearance << Customizer << Header setting << Custom css box . 
    Add the below css code inside the custom css box . 

    .page-title-section { display :none }

    Let me know for any confusion .
  • Thank you, that worked! Now I have a big section of white space between my menu and body. How can I change that?
  • Hi 

    Glade to know that its work for you . 

    For reduce white space between menu and body section . 
    Share your site url , So that we can assist you better . 

  • HI 
    Any update here ?


    I'd like to change the menu buttons so that there isn't any color background on "home" or on the dropdown links. I'd also like to change the size of the header slides. Thanks for your help!
  • Hi 

    To reduce white space between menu and body section.
    Add the below css rule inside the Appearance >> Customizer >> header setting >> Custom css box . 

    .page-builder {
        margin: 25px 0 0 ! important;

  • Hi 

    For your change menu color issue . 
    Kindly create separate ticket for separate issue . 
    Bz multiple issue in single thread create complexity to handle better support query . 


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