Error - Does not work

I am using a hashtag not an specific account. Worked fine in your Demo:

NO feed to match given criteria. please check your given general settings


  • Hi 11eleven

    Kindly use your hashtag without # symbol 


    If also you face same issue please let me know about your custom Instagram feed plugin version so we can check it on our end 

  • not using the hashtag mark

    Version 1.6.1
  • if the error cannot be resolved I would like a refund
  • Hi

    Sure we will refund you. if we did not fixed your issue

    Its generally happens when your user id or hashtag and access token wrong .

    Because you are using old version then most possibly issue with your access token coz of Instagram API changed in 1 Jun 2016 . so we all ready update our code according to new API and release new version 1.6.2 please download our latest version and again authenticate wit your Instagram account and get new access token and then let me know.

    Or you can check it we our default access token 1631861081.3a81a9f.9d7b2e2bc94f42df935055677efb2c4d

    Let  me know 


  • I bought this today and it downloaded the 1.6.1 automatically. Where do I get the new version?

    When I use your token it works. Not sure how to generate a token for a hashtag feed? I used my personal from my Instagram account.
  • Hi 11eleven

    Sorry for Inconvenience. 

    Now you can download your plugin latest version from

    Login with your account details and download latest version 1.6.2

    Then upload new version in your WP and  activate it now again authenticate your Instagram account by clicking on blue big button  and get new access token that have permission to fetch your hashtag feed.

    Let me know if you have any confusion.

  • the link does not work
  • also there is one square empty on the feed no matter what number I put in to display. I would prefer 28, 4 columns with 7 rows.
  • Its an issue of cache . Kindly clear your browser history starting from the beginning of time.
  • why does it only show 27 images when I put in 28? there is a blank area on the last image

  • I am getting all the 28 items in our demo from the hashtag you are usingúratecookbook&cols=4&img_padding=3&img_padding_unit=px&display_comman=on

    Kindly update the plugin with the latest version and let me know wither you are facing the same issue.

  • Hi

    Ignore my last post, getting the same error. Kindly share the last item instagram url.

  • not sure I understand your question, what url?
  • edited July 2016
    Is this the urlúratecookbook/ whose feeds you want to show on your WordPress site

    If the above url is correct , than I would like to know out of 28 posts why 22 are showing.
  • i changed it to 21, looks better. guess they don't have 28 yet? anyway thanks for the help
  • My pleasure.

    For further support kindly create separate tickets.

    Also if you like the plugin and support than please do share your feedback here at

    Closing this ticket!!

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