Slider Buttons

I have followed your instructions on this discussion topic: ;

Where I used the following code to move the title and description over to the right side of the slider
.slide-text-bg2 {      left: 70%; }
.slide-text-bg1 {      left: 70%; }  

 (see my website here: , however what code do I need to add to also get the read more, or in my case green "sign-up now" button also moved to the right side of the slider underneath the title/description?


  • HI

    See the snapshot and clear me are you want to put read more button here as i pointed int the snapshot . 

    Kindly more clear your issue so that we can assist you better .

  • HI

    Any update here ?

  • I was able to figure this out by using this code:

    .slide-btn-area-sm { float: none; width: 50%; left: 70%; text-align: center; position: relative; }

    Is this the best way to acheive this? If so, you can close this ticket.
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