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For my project categories (Ultimate Bespoke, Bespoke Extra and Bespoke Value I have added text and images in the Portfolio/Project description but nothing is showing up?  How can I make my text appear?

Also on the Kitchens (page) page I have set it as a portfolio 4 column template and added text in the description but again this is not showing.  How can I make this appear?

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    are you taliking about this

    let me confirm 

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    No - I want to put text and images above the images to describe the project category.
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    plz indicate with screen shot  so we help you better.

  • Screenshots attached - I would like to put images and text where the red arrow is.  As stated I have entered text on the actual kitchens (page) itself and the Project Category settings but they are not showing
    Screenshot 1.tiff
    Screenshot 2.tiff
  • HI 

    follow given url to change category title and description 

    let me know if you have any confusion 


  • Hi @thedmfairy 

    Portfolio description  showing on our portfolio 4 column template  . 
    You can see our demo link  .

    To show portfolio title and description at the top of the page . 

    Go to Appearance << Project setting << home project setting <<  Find project title and project description field . 

    Enter description into this field . 

    To show description for individual project . 
    Follow given below instruction . 

    It may be your are adding description into the wrong place . 

    Kindly go to Portfolio tab << edit the portfolio post << then you will find the excerpt  field  at the bottom of  the page . 

    Enter your portfolio description into this field . 

    For more help see the snapshot  link 

    let me know for any confusion 
  • thanks for the feedback.

    the home project settings do not give me the opportunity to add images in with the text.  is there any way this setting can be over ridden and the description used from the actual page instead?

    With regards to the descriptions I don't want to show descriptions for individual projects - I want to show them for my categories.

    Thank you and look forward to hearing back
  • Hi 

    Its a part of customization  but  we can add  individual text and image for  portfolio 2 3 4 column  template .  

    Not for category archive page . 

    If you want to add text and image create separate ticket and create child theme . 
    To create child theme refer this link 


  • But there is a description for the project category (see screenshot).

    Why can't this be visible on the relevant page (e.g.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 05.49.02.png
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