SEO friendly URL

The following URL is not SEO friendly on the site

How do I change the portfolio_categories part so that it is portfolio-categories



  • Hi

    We are already working on this feature. Will going to relaease in couple of days time.

  • ok please let me know so I can add this.
  • is this ready yet?!
  • Hi

    Download the latest version from you account.

  • download what latest version?
  • The Latest version is 1.8
  • i only just had you guys update your theme a few weeks ago and it messed up so many things that I was told would not be affected. I can't risk that happening again as I lost hours and hours of time trying to get my site looking the way it should.

    Please give me another option so that I can get this URL to be Seo friendly.
  • That will happen because you did all the core file additions which is never a good option. You suppose to make all files additions via Child Theme. There is no other option, you have to update the package in order to use that feature...
  • what core additions? I have been getting CSS custom codes from you (which I was also told would work) and wasn't told in the past month to change anything in child theme (ex. today I was given code to put into my blog full width read more).

    Can't you give me the new code for the portfolio categories.php so that the URL doesn't not have an underscore in it?
  • See if you had made made all the changes through custom css box then there will no problem in activating latest version.
  • I was told to change .php files a number of times and they didn't say to do this on a child theme (which I don't even understand). Also the last time we updated, the custom css box did not save completely so I am not confident that everything would disappear.

    Can you please give me the change in the portfolio categories page so that it is SEO URL friendly.
  • can someone please help me with this as I am not prepared to update the theme after only updating it a few weeks ago and even having my custom css box not saving.
  • Still waiting for .php code for portfolio category page. Can someone send it to me?
  • Still have not heard back from anyone and it has been over a month.
  • I will ask one of my college to this custom work for you.

    But I need to inform you that in a month or so the complete code of Spasalon theme is going to be changed, since the WordPress guidelines are now changed so we have to keep yup wit them. After update np pne will lose there data but to edit them you have to enter it again.

    Kindly share your admin details, also if you have other queries than do ask now because once we publish the update we will not be able to provide support with this version. 

  • I do not understand. This theme is Appointment not Spasalon?

    Also what do you mean that after update no one will lose there date but to edit them you have to enter again? Does this mean i'm going going to lose all of my content? I paid for this theme for my business so i cannot have the content disappear.
  • Don't panic you will not loses data. But due to WordPress guidelines we have to change code so that new guidelines should be followed otherwise they will remove the theme from WordPress repository. We are forced to do this for all the themes.

    SO we are making a proper migration path so that no one losses there data. But for if you have done changes via child theme than that would be good but since you have done all the changes directly in the core code instead of child theme so you will not able to use the latest version.
  • How can I tell what I have done not on child theme. I have not found anything I have done on child theme to actually work.

    I have done most of my changes as you have told me to do on CSS Custom Box. Will that stay?

    Will you be notifying all theme owners when your migration path is ready for us to complete?
  • Yes we will do that once the route is ready. All the styles added in custom css box will remain as it is.

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