Blog Posts on HomePage Leaving Blank Space

My posts on smaller screen like an iPad or small browser window are leaving a blank space.   See attached picture its putter 3 posts then blank space the 3 more
Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.27.17 PM.png


  • ** Its putting 3 posts then blank space the 3 more
  • Hi 

    This issue happens when the content size of blog is different . 

    Its a little css  bug in our theme we will sort out it as soon as possible . 

    For now  add the below css code into 
    Appearance << Customizer  << Header setting  << custom css box . 

    .qua-blog-info {
        height: 468px ! important;

    Let me knwo for further assistance .
  • Hi featherwind

    Any update here ?

  • Does not work . Only happens when browser is small enough and big enough to display 2 projects side by side

    What you told me to do makes at posts the same size.. Stretches them after it says comments
  • The posts the same size*
  • Hi Abhishek

    Any update here?

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