An independent testimonial page integrated with home page feature

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There is no Slider Control for the testimonials.

No way to stop it from rolling so that the reader can actually read a lengthy testimonial.

It would therefore be great to have an integrated (feature) testimonial page just like Blogs so that they visitor can view a list of Testimonials.

Integrated so that the top 3 Testimonials on that page appear on the home page testimonial section.

Please comment.


  • Hi nicolun

    let me confirm you want to display testimonials in just like blog template format layout .

    you can control your testimonials form customize panel settings 

    go to in you customize panel >> testimonial settings >> home testimonial settings >>

    here you can change your testimonial settings


  • Hi

    Let me clear are you want  3 column layout  of testimonial section on home page . 
    Like such  . 
    See the snapshot .

    Or Want individual testimonial page template having 3 column layout . 


    testimonial section.png
  • Hi

    Any update here ?

  • Negative...

    There are two parts here...

    1. The need to for a Testimonial Template so we can have a nice looking page called, Testimonials.  Something like this for example >

    2. To have this page integrate itself as part of the Home page so that the 3 most recent testimonials (on the Testimonials page) automatically become part of the Testimonial Slider on the Home page.

    Like this

    **Testimonial Page**

    1.  Wow these guys are great

    2. Great Service

    3. Super Amazing

    4. I am happy I bought this

    **Testimonial Slider on Home page**

    <slide1 - Wow these guys are great>     <slide2 - Great Service>    <slide3 - Super Amazing>

    This is one option for my request.


    To be able to put slider controls (like the banner slider controls "<"     Slide1    " >") so that the reader can stop the Testimonial slider from rolling so they can have time to read the testimonial.

    Bottom line, I think Wallstreet needs two beautiful and well-designed page templates.  One, a nice FAQ template (see, and a Testimonial template.

  • Hi 

    It too confusing for us what do you want exactly . 

    Pls clear us step by step process . 

    So that we can assist you better .


  • I guess my first request is for Wallstreet to have a Testimonial Page Template.  Hopefully, a stylish looking template similar to this example so that I can have an independent menu item called, Testimonials

  • Still waiting for a response
  • Hi

    The styling for   individual testimonial page   you want  . 

    Its a part of  layout designing   .  Such type of template not related to our theme . 
      Its required much code customization . 
    And beyond the cope of our support . For this you have to hire a developer . 

    Sorry for you inconvenience . 

    Look for ward see you again at webriti . 


  • Please read the message I've sent to your inbox.  We've realized that not being able to manage our testimonials better has become a problem for our customer facing image.
  • You can close this threat please.
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