Certain links come up with a line across it

Links like when I link my LinkedIn page, comes up on the page with a line across it (ex. https://tangiblewords.com/learn-more-about-vicky-marrack/) you'll see the "LinkedIn" crossed out. I need to make sure this is not happening with any of my links.


  • Kindly share with the snapshot where the linked in link is crossed
  • Take a look at: https://tangiblewords.com/how-to-stay-focused-on-your-customers-true-content-marketing-wiifm-explained/

    You will see "content marketing workshops" crossed out and at the bottom of the page "website content"
  • Go it the linkedin is coming as crossed. I have seen your html snippet 

    <a href="http://ca.linkedin.com/in/vickymarrack" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-article', 'http://ca.linkedin.com/in/vickymarrack', 'LinkedIn']);" title="Linked In Profile - Vicky Marrack" target="_blank" class="broken_link">LinkedIn</a>

    If you remove the class broken_link than the link will not show as crossed.

    Try it and let me know.

  • Why is this code coming up when I highlight the word, and add a hyperlink and tick off to open in a new window, and it automatically comes up with a line cross "LinkedIn". This seems like an issue with your theme. I don't want have to individually go through every hyperlink that opens in a new window and remove the 'broken link' code.
  • also the code is not comign up with 'broken link' when i go to the TEXT editor on that post.
  • Nothing like theme issue, the code is not coming via style.css or from other theme related stylesheet.

    Uss this css .broken_link{text-decoration:none;}

  • Also that has to do with the plugin you are using....
  • I don't want to just remove the cross out if there is a broken link because then i am aware that there is a broken link. In this particular case, the link is not broken and is workign fine but your theme is crossing it out.
  • Sorry dear we haven't added any style for class broken_link. So that has to do with plugin. Kindly switch the theme to twentysixteen and check weither you are getting the same thing or not.
  • It was not doing this when I was using the creative theme on my old site that's how I know it has something to do with the theme.
    I won't switch back and forth themes as that's how you lose stuff.
  • No if 2016 theme shows the same thing than some than I cannot help with that....

    But if 2016 showing the icons correctly than we need to see what is wrong with the theme code.

    And y the way switching thing for a seconds will not losse your data.....
  • It seems to be the LinkedIn link that particularly is unhappy. I am getting a 999 unknown error which is why there is a cross on the word. Any ideas as the URL is correct.
  • No Idea dear....

  • i do like the theme and support but when I go to your review site, it is asking me to logon to WordPress so I tried to put in my login details from your theme and doesn't work.
  • Dear you have to create an account on wordrpess.org to lave the review... Review is very important for us.
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