Menu label not visible in mobile version

Hello, I have an issue with the website on mobil device version. The selected item in the website menu bar is not visible. It also occurs when on mouse over the menu (finger tap). I have tested in my own cell phone (LG G2) and also tested in (as shown in the following picture):

I have used the code provided in this ticket (, but it didn't work for me.



  • Hi

    Its a slice piece of bug in the menu system. We will fix this in the upcoming updates.

    You can fix it by adding this css in the css box present in customizer

    .navbar .navbar-nav > .active > a, .navbar .navbar-nav > .active > a:hover, .navbar .navbar-nav > .active > a:focus, .navbar .navbar-nav > .open > a, .navbar .navbar-nav > .open > a:hover, .navbar .navbar-nav > .open > a:focus, .navbar .navbar-nav > li > a:hover, .navbar .navbar-nav > li > a:focus{color:white !important}


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  • Hello,
    I have the following code in that box:

    .blog-post-title-wrapper { width: 100% ! important; }

    How can I add the code you provided, but keeping the one I already have? I can edit the proper .php file if needed, just let me know the file name and line number.

    Thank you
  • Just paste it after that css snippet.
  • It worked! Thanks!
  • Hi
    Glad it worked!!!.

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