Scroll up button and menu effect


I have some question about wall street theme.

1. scroll up button(up arrow) is not showing. How to show this scroll up button?
2. If I use other language, not English character, then how can I add new font and apply?
3. When I use mouse over menu, sub menu appear directly, but I want to make fade on effect. How?




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    Never bundle multiple issue in single thread , bz it create complexity to handle better support query . 

    Lets take step by step process . 

    For your first issue . 
    For this you have to use scroll up to back plugin that is freely available on repository .
    Download and activate  the  plugin from this link  

    Change  its setting according to your need . 
    From Setting << Scroll back to top  . 

  • Ahh..this scroll button is not including, just use plug in~
    OK Thanks a lot.
    I will re-write about 2, 3 questions.
  • Hi

    If your first issue resolve .
    Can I close this ticket .

  • Yes I appreciate
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