Typography not working and contacts are styled with

Hello, friends.

We recently bought your theme and have been having numerous issues with its design.


1. There was no H1 and the page title showed twice.
2. The about us widget breaks when the name is longer than the width specified for the blocks.
3. Typography does not work. The console says that "http://sematigo.com/wp-content/themes/workpress-pro/css/font/font.css?ver=4.4.2 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)" and we cannot change the fonts and sizes.
4. The contacts like phone and address and e-mail are styled with <a> and generate empty links.

We managed to fix the H1 issue with custom created custom fields, but the others are a bit too much for our knowledge. Any help would be appreciated, thank you! We really want this theme to work as intended and not get into writing bad reviews, since we like you guys.

Thank you in advance!


  • Hello again, another problem.

    The services section (with the stars) does not work well with more than 5 services. It completely skips the 3rd column on the rows after the first ones.

    Thank you for the future help.
  • Hi Dear 

    Thanks for contacting us . 

    Never bundle all issue in single thread , bz it create complexity to handle better support query .

    Lets take step by process . 

    For your  first issue . 

    1 Clear me which one page title would you want to remove   see the snapshot and clear me  link 

  • Hello, Akhilesh

    Sorry for not answering to this message. Let us move to number 3, please.
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