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Is there any way to expand the page width on all pages, especially under the slider on the home page?


  • Hi 

    Kindly indicate snapshot Image and please share your website URL

  • I am still removing content from my old website on another hosting company, and I won't be transferring my domain for a few more days.

    Here's the screenshot

  • Hi

    We can not change into the width of home page under slider section . 

    If we change into the container with  it effect on the responsive ness of our website . 

    We can only make it on full with like mention in the snapshot link . 

    And we can change default page size  by reducing sidebar container size like this link 

    See the snapshot and clear me . 

  • Okay. Problem solved in another thread. Font size made smaller in the headings solves the problem, even though it messes up the design.

    Please close this thread.
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